Chic with a Glamorous Touch.

Owner/Founder of Harper Young always remembers having a passion for fashion. As well as the desire to create trendy yet timeless looks. As a result The Harper Young Collection was born, the idea stemmed after a week long trip to New York City. After several failed attempts and a lack of resources Harper Young began to take its platform to new heights in the summer of 2016. Aubrie decided to just take a leap of faith as you will and go for it, because the seed had been planted within her for so long it was finally time to water it for growth. So she began creating a series of collections that would fit the desires of every woman regardless of size, salary or shape. The idea is to bring everyday pieces together for timeless and luxurious looks at an affordable price. 


Harper Young, like any other great luxury brand has created a signature that will leave you satisfied and eager to shop again. Your item will arrive in our signature pink packaging, ensuring your items arrive safe, also give you the high end luxurious presentation desired at an affordable cost.

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